[NetBehaviour] Life 2.0, Friday 17 October, 6-8pm Access Space, Sheffield, UK

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Wed Oct 8 17:36:49 CEST 2008

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Life 2.0, Friday 17 October, 6-8pm Access Space, Sheffield, UK

(Free event)

Life 2.0 is an exploration of words and technology, set in Access
Space, Sheffield's open source recycled technology lab.  The event
features imaginative performances from a range of writers who are
either exploring technology in their work, or using it as part of
their performance.  There will be an improvised poetry soundscape,
Skype readings with poets in London, Iceland, and the USA, and a viral
text poem for the audience to take part in.  Robin Vaughan-Williams,
who is organising the event, has put together The Lost Voices, a
collective poetry performance in which five voices, disembodied and
lost in the machine, discover a new form of corporeality, where they
can make friends, design their own avatars, and take off for their
dream island.

Brian Lewis, editor of Longbarrow Press, presents Edgelands, a
multi-channel sound collage based on Matt Clegg's poetry sequence
exploring the colonised space between city and countryside.
Performance artist Richard Bolam performs World 3.0, a chilling piece
about a world where human progress has rendered morality a thing of
the past.  Jake Harries brings us "spam unplugged" (acoustic, verbatim
spam email songs), and in FYI novelist Linda Lee Welch and electronica
musician The Only Michael look to find poetry in the everyday and
music in the sound of domestic appliances and radio static.

More information about Life 2.0 is available from www.zeroquality.net/Life2.

Life 2.0 is a Spoken Word Antics production, in partnership with
Access Space and supported by Signposts.


Jake Harries

Digital Arts Programme Manager


1 Sidney St

Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK

t: +44 (0)114 249 5522

w: www.access-space.org

Reg. Charity 1103837

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