[NetBehaviour] Warming up for pixelVÄRK 2008

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Oct 13 22:52:03 CEST 2008

Warming up for pixelVÄRK 2008

We start pixelVÄRK 17-19 October with a small reality game!

Mejan Labs and Interacting Arts invites you to play a reality game. All 
you need is a mobile telephone with Internet function.

You will be sent some missions and by completeing them you will get 
points. When you have reached 30 points you will get a drink ticket at 
pixelVÄRK festivak the 18th October. Just show your mobile and your 
result at the door at PixelVÄRK.

To start the game, send an SMS with the text "Starta Orient" to number 
71747. You will then get an answer containing a link. Just press "OK" 
and the game has begun.

For more informaion about pixelVÄRK see www.pixelvark.se or contact 
Björn Norberg, bjorn at mejanlabs.se, tel: 0708-825873

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