[NetBehaviour] HYBRIDS - Trondheim Matchmaking 2008

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Tue Oct 14 02:27:32 CEST 2008

Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre [http://teks.no] presents:

HYBRIDS - Trondheim Matchmaking 2008,
festival for art and technology. Oct. 17 & 18.

Festival for art and technology.
Arranged by TEKS - Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre since 2002.

The festival is a meeting point for presenting innovative ideas and 
projects, a place to preserve and develop competence and resources, as 
well as building interdisciplinary relations within the fields of art 
and technology.

Location: Trondheim, Norway

A species can be defined as “a population or group of populations whose 
members have the potential to interbreed with one another in nature to 
produce viable, fertile offspring, but who cannot successfully 
interbreed with members of other species”.

 From medieval mythologies we are familiar with hybrid creatures like 
the Centaur and the Griffon. The creation of these fantasy beings denies 
in itself the very existence of species as we define the term today. The 
tendency to try to abolish the species´s and our body´s limitations 
seems to be a recurring theme with mankind.

This years conference highlights among other things how knowledge from 
new research and insight radically can happen to change human biology 
and self understanding, and how art practise both becomes influenced by 
this development, as well as being able to influence the same.

The conference keynote speaker is researcher and artist Roy Ascott (UK), 
pioneer within interactive computer art in the 60´s and later telematic 
art. Ascott is founder of the Planetary Collegium, he is a professor at 
Technoetic Arts at the University of Plymouth in addition to several 
other positions and appointments.
Ascott is today one of our most innovative theorists regarding our 
virtual present and future.

Further at the festival you will among others be able to experience 
speakers and exhibitors as moderator Laura Beloff (FIN), Natasha 
Vita-More (US), Margarete Jahrmann (AUS), Eva Sutton (US), Victoria 
Vesna (US), Marta De Menezes (P), Eric Singer (US), Amy Youngs (US), 
Peter Flemming (CAN) and George Gessert (US).

This year´s festival concerts includes names as ALEPH (N), BOL (N), 

The conference and concerts takes place at Dokkhuset, Trondheim, Oct. 17 
& 18.

The exhibition HYBRIDS opens Friday the 17th of Oct. at Trøndelag Centre 
for Contemporary Art.

Espen Gangvik
Project manager and curator

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