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The Audacity of Desperation (Los Angeles).

After visits to rural Illinois and New York City ,The Audacity of
Desperation arrives in Los Angeles at Sea and Space Explorations,
October 26 through November 16, 2008.

Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 1-5 PM Or call 323-445-4015 to make
an appointment. http://www.seaandspace.org email: info at seaandspace.org

DIRECTIONS from Los Angeles: From the 5, take the 2 north. Take the
Verdugo Road exit. Left onto Eagle Rock Boulevard. Right onto York
Boulevard (major cross street is Armadale Boulevard).

Organized by Jessica Lawless and Sarah Ross, more than 40 socially
engaged local and international artists address the depressed state of
politics, anti-war activism, and the economy accrued by eight years of
the current Bush administration. Taking to heart the idea that random
acts of kindness are central to social change, each artist has made a
work of art in multiple editions visitors to the exhibition can take
away. The Audacity of Desperation creates a free exchange of ideas that
challenges the culture at large as well as the international art market
of which Los Angles has become a central location.

The exhibition includes a series of events addressing the Nov. 4th

Sunday October 26: Exchange Rate: 2008 presents performances in the
gallery space. Exchange Rate: 2008 is an international performance
exchange organized by artist Elana Mann in response to the US
presidential elections and includes artists from Brazil, Denmark,
Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Ukraine, and the US among others. 6-8pm

Saturday Nov. 1: Evil Dead 8: the end is near, a Day of the Dead
inspired memorial for the final days of the Bush administration.
Celebrating the end of one evil while not knowing what is lurking ahead,
Evil Dead 8 includes skill sharing, music, dancing, a bookmobile project
created by Irina Contreras and Kelly Besser called The Miracle, and
guerilla interventions by AK-Ami and her mother Maleeka Kobrah. 8pm

Tuesday November 4: Election returns will be projected in the gallery
with several of the participating artists present and Lee Azzarello and
Sarah Kanouse "Voices of America” internet radio project will be
broadcast. 5pm on

Saturday November 8: FOCUS Group Findings -- What Now?
Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko, present their findings from focus groups
staged this summer as part of Trade and Row’s Campaign Trail project.
The duo solicited ideas about ways artists can reclaim their power in
the political process. Stay for a dance party following the
presentation. 8pm

Sunday November 9: A screening of video works that address the numerous
political disasters, violations and obfuscations of the past eight
years. Curated by Nancy Popp. 6-8pm

Sunday November 16: “So now what?” or “HOLY FUCK! NOW WHAT?” Whether it
is Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin, immediately after the elections we’re
still in debt, looking for work, without universal health care, and
occupying Iraq. Adam Overton and Nancy Popp facilitate conversation and
activities that will lead to concrete actions to make change in our own
communities. 2-5pm

Artists in the exhibit:
AK-Ami, William Brown, David Sanchez Burr, CaFF, Chris Christion, Ryan
Claypool/Austin Smythe, Heidi Cunningham, Anna Campbell, solidad
decosta, Alexis Disselkoen, Von Edwards, Nicky Enright, Feel Tank
Chicago, Dara Greenwald/Josh MacPhee/Steve Lambert with the
Anti-Advertising Agency, Russell Howze, Jill Jeannides, Anne M. Klint,
Caroline Kelley, Sarah Kanouse/Tianna Kennedy/Lee Azzerello, Norene
Leddy/Ed Bringas, Let's Re-Make, Steven Lam, the League of Imaginary
Scientists, DJ Lightbolt, Diran Lyons, Elana Mann, Glendalys Medina,
Tomas A. Moreno, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Doug Minkler, Mahyar Nili, Taisha
Paggett and Ashley Hunt, Robert T. Pannell, Sheila Pinkel, Nancy Popp,
Lizabeth Eva Rossof, Anthony Rayson, Nino Rodriguez, Lian Amaris
Sifuentes, Rick Salafia, simon strikeback, Dorothy Schultz, Heath
Schultz/Brad Thomson, Lisa Tucker, Tammy Jo Wilson, Gordon Winiemko,
Xtine, Carrie Yury

About Sea and Space:
Sea and Space Explorations was founded by its current director, Lara
Bank (MFA CalArts) in June 2007. Operating as an artwork in and of
itself, Sea and Space is redefined each time it hosts artwork,
statements, and the thoughts of other artists, guest curators, lecturers
and collaborators.

About Exchange Rate 2008:
Exchange Rate 2008 (http://exchangerate2008.com/blog/) is sponsored by
Trade&Row (www.tradeandrow.org <http://www.tradeandrow.org/> ) with
in-kind support from Side Street Projects (www.sidestreet.org
<http://www.sidestreet.org/> ).

About Voices of America:
"Voices of America" is sponsored by free103point9
<http://free103point9.org/> . The project is part of The UnConvention
<http://theunconvention.com/> , a non-partisan, Minneapolis-based
collective of artists and citizens acting as a counterpoint to the
highly scripted and predetermined nature of the contemporary
presidential nomination process and convention. For more info:

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