[NetBehaviour] pure:dyne discussion

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Oct 21 02:57:27 CEST 2008

Hi Heather, Aymeric & all,

Thank you for your answers so far,

As the global, economical crisis seeps deeper into people's lives
everywhere. More are questioning their own approaches to living, and
many are reconsidering their social values after the break-down of
these capitalist, (free) market-led frameworks and the attitudes that
once supported them. It has been mentioned on various news channels
that East Germans are now flocking to buy Das Kapital by Karl Marx. "A
recent survey found 52 percent of eastern Germans believe the free
market economy is "unsuitable" and 43 percent said they wanted
socialism rather than capitalism, findings confirmed in interviews
with dozens of ordinary easterners." http://tinyurl.com/5zlo5c

Perhaps East Germany is an easy target for declaring that social
change is occuring, but there is something in the air. So, considering
the current state of things and the impact of economies collapsing
around us, do you think that this climate adds extra weight for more
people to use (FLOSS) Free/Libre/Open Source Software and pure:dyne,
if so why?


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