[NetBehaviour] Interpol wants facial recognition database to catch suspects.

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Tue Oct 21 11:22:34 CEST 2008

Interpol wants facial recognition database to catch suspects.

Owen Bowcott
The Guardian.

Interpol is planning to expand its role into the mass screening of
passengers moving around the world by creating a face recognition
database to catch wanted suspects.

Every year more than 800 million international travellers fail to
undergo "the most basic scrutiny" to check whether their identity
documents have been stolen, the global policing cooperation body has

Senior figures want a system that lets immigration officials capture
digital images of passengers and immediately cross-check them against
a database of pictures of terror suspects, international criminals and

The UK's first automated face recognition gates - matching passengers
to their digital image in the latest generation of passports - began
operating at Manchester airport in August.

Mark Branchflower, head of Interpol's fingerprint unit, will this week
unveil proposals in London for the creation of biometric
identification systems that could be linked to such immigration checks.

The civil liberties group No2ID, which campaigns against identity
cards, expressed alarm at the plans.


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