[NetBehaviour] pure:dyne discussion

james jwm-art net james at jwm-art.net
Wed Oct 22 16:11:56 CEST 2008


I'm curious about how pure:dyne might compare to other multimedia
distributions. I have always gone back to Debian (stable) as my main OS,
but have tried 64studio...  and another, can't remember it's name, it
used fluxbox as it's desktop but the distro died, but the desktop was
fast and it all worked from go.

Does pure:dyne come in 64bit flavour? (and any chance of ordering a
live/install DVD btw?)

On 20/10/2008, "aymeric mansoux" <aymeric at goto10.org> wrote:

>Of course there are important variations within this field as well. For
>example an artist who can program might build an imaginary based on a
>very badly programmed, but creative software art, or an artistic
>interpretation of technology that would sound like pseudoscience. At the
>other extreme, a programer making art will have the tendency to focus
>much more be in the technical process and the manifestations of this
>underlying mechanics would be treated as side effects or illustrations
>of these.

I found this quite interesting. If neither programming nor art is earning
one a living, how can one tell if they're a programmer making art or an
artist writing code? Hang on, there's a clue at the end of the
paragraph... Yes I agree there, with the illustrations analogy.


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