[NetBehaviour] Team records 'music' from stars - Like Aphex Twin music.

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Some years ago, as part of a medical project to spot newborn babies that might be deaf, recordings were made of the sound of a womb and played back to the babies on tiny headphones. Those without hearing problems responded to the recording with unmistakable recognition. As I recall, the medical team's recording of the sound of the womb was strikingly similari to the recordings of these stars...


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wow a million thank yous

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marc garrett said :

> Team records 'music' from stars - Like Aphex Twin music.
> By Pallab Ghosh
> Science correspondent, BBC News.
> Scientists have recorded the sound of three stars similar to our Sun
> using France's Corot space telescope.
> The subtly pulsating, haunting sounds are very similar to artist Aphex
> Twin's minimalistic nineties album 'Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2,'
> only stripping away what little melody it had and leaving just the beat.
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7687286.stm

Reminds me of Lustmord

He used such sounds in 94 as material for an album "ARECIBO/Trans
Plutonian Transmissions"

nice one if you like darkambient.


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