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Interview: Jeff Talman
By Peter Traub
Networked_Music_ Review

Jeff Talman's sound installations focus on notions of "self-reflexive
resonance", often using no other sound source than the natural ambient
resonance of the installation site. His works also have a strong visual
component, owing to his dual backgrounds in music and the visual arts. His
latest work, "A Play of Flows" premiers on October 23, 2008 at the Galleria
Mazzini in Genoa, Italy. Talman was awarded a Guggenheim Foundation
Fellowship in Sound Art in 2006 and was a recipient of the New York
Foundation for the Arts Award in Computer Arts in 2003. He currently resides
in Manhattan.

Due to the nature of his pieces, Talman does not provide sound samples on
his website - the pieces are simply too site-specific to experience in any
other way than first-hand. As such, we will only be providing photos and
discussion with this interview.

Peter Traub: Before you began creating sound installations in the mid 1990s,
you were a more 'traditional' computer music composer and musician. Could
you discuss how you made the transition into sound installation work? Was
there a particular experience of a space or place that pushed you in this
new direction?

Jeff Talman: First, let me thank you very much for your interest in my work
and this opportunity to go into your well-thought through questions. Many
thanks also to Networked Music Review and Helen Thorington and Jo-Anne
Green. I've found that interviews can really help tremendously because they
put me as an artist outside of myself, so new or different slants to the
work may become available. It's is a very welcome kind of refreshment. Read
more: http://tinyurl.com/5hqygw

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