[NetBehaviour] Live From Gustav in Baton Rouge: A New Media Artist's Perspective.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Sep 8 11:53:40 CEST 2008

Live From Gustav in Baton Rouge: A New Media Artist's Perspective.

By patrick lichty - on the Furtherfield Blog.

"A quick proviso – I'm starting to write this on the night of my third 
day in Baton Rouge, and I'm exhausted from working on the house, and 
we're hemorrhaging money at the moment. We were so lucky, as our home 
just had huge amounts of debris and only a moderate size bough hitting 
the roof and a few broken shingles.

Prelude: The week prior
In the days before Gustav, I was in pre-semester preparations in 
Chicago, and of course, that keeps you quite busy. My wife had a speech 
to give near Austin, and she boarded the cats and went, which turned 
into evacuation. However, for the time Gustav was traveling the Gulf, 
headed right for our house, I was obsessively checking weather.com, and 
doing my own projections, but the track stayed constant as the Northern 

The night before I left, all I could do is watch the coverage, and play 
on my laptop
“Nearer my God to Thee” from Titanic, as my exceptionally prescient gut 
feeling told me things were just screwed, as the East side of the eye 
was headed for Baton Rouge."


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