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Hi Netbehaviourists,

Someone tried to post this to the list but failed, but it seemed quite 
interesting (based in Canada) so I thought that i'd do it for them...

wishing all well.


Issue No. 107, A Special Issue on Winnipeg
Border Crossings

500-70 Arthur Street
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
R3B 1G7
Phone: 1-204-942-5778
Fax: 1-204-949-0793
bordercrossings at mts.net


Available on newsstands across Canada September 8th!
Border Crossings' first ever Winnipeg Issue, THE LARGEST ISSUE TO DATE, 
devotes over 200 pages to some of the most prolific and accomplished 
contemporary artists who call Winnipeg home, with a cover created for us 
by Marcel Dzama.

The Winnipeg Issue features a revealing interview with Sarah Anne 
Johnson, whose current project was inspired by a family story involving 
medical abuse, survival and the CIA. The issue also includes interviews 
with Jon Pylypchuk, Jennifer Stillwell and Theo Sims.

In this issue we have an unpublished film script, My (Other) Winnipeg: 
Excerpts from a Phantom Film by Guy Maddin. My (Other) Winnipeg follows 
the international success of his self-mythologizing film, My Winnipeg, 
which won the best Canadian film at the Toronto International Film 
Festival, the opening night selection at the Berlin Film Festival's 
Forum and acclaim world wide.

Like Maddin, Marcel Dzama continues to create work full of mythology and 
fantasy and uses Winnipeg as muse for his latest sculptural project. 
This issue also features lengthy articles on the varied practices of 
Michael Dumontier, Paul Butler, realist painters Karel Funk and Tim 
Gardner, artist collective Send + Receive and many others!

Art Pages feature embossed works by artist Paul Robles from his 
Playground Martyrs series, his debut engagement with a new medium.

In addition, our Crossovers section features reviews on the recent works 
of: Janet Werner, Martha Langford, Simon Starling, Ron Moppett and Carol 
Wainio, Gregor Schneider, the Quebec Triennial, one KRAZY! exhibition 
and much more!

Check our recently redesigned website, www.bordercrossingsmag.com to 
locate a newsstand near you, or subscribe to Border Crossings and 
receive our current series of Limited Edition Artists' Buttons.

Now in its second quarter century, Border Crossings: A Magazine of the 
Arts, is published quarterly in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. BORDER 
CROSSINGS is Edited by Meeka Walsh. The interviews, a noted feature in 
every issue, are by Contributing Editor Robert Enright.

Mailing address: 500 – 70 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3B 1G7

Tel: 204.942.5778 Email: bordercrossings at mts.net

Fax: 204.949.0793 Web: bordercrossingsmag.com

Media Contact: Allison DaSilva Tel: 204.943.7763 Email: 
borderprojects at mts.net

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