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Fri Sep 12 13:23:34 CEST 2008

UpgradeMTL presents:
The IBA (Imaginary Border Academy) cordially invite you and a guest to the following workshops hosted by visiting IBA members from Belgrade, Berlin, Boston, Bristol, Budapest, Helsinki, Montreal, Stockholm, and Warsaw.

Thursday (3-6pm) The Visa Wait and Walk Tour

Friday (3-6pm) Diplomatic Service discussion event / seminar

Saturday (3-6pm) Field Reports and Performative Gestures

Sunday (2pm-4pm) TransEuropean Fence Climbing Summit 2008

The workshops are to start each day at the Cultural Centre "CK" (Bul. Ilinden 38, 1000 Skopje), as part of the Third International Upgrade Gathering: Chain Reaction.

More information on the IBA’s wiki via:

Accustoming Canadians to Sublimation, Cultural Centre "CK", as part of the Third International Upgrade Gathering: Chain Reaction (Skopje)

Anik Fournier & Sophie Le-Phat Ho (Montreal)
Introduction to the workshops series, parallel events, wikis, reader & installation, as part of the Accustoming Canadians to Sublimation project by the Imaginary Border Academy and presented by Upgrade Montreal.

Savic' Rašovic' a.k.a Pirun (Boston)
Reporting from http://www.konzulatsfrj.com/, the consulate of SFRJ (former Yugoslavia), in Tivat (Montenegro). Every year, on the 25 of May, thousands gather from all over to receive the passports of a country that does not exist...

Ana Valdés (Stockholm)
Borders, prisons, walls and fences are now the common grounds in a world where panopticums and control towers rule. From Spain to Palestine, a cavalcade through illegal refugee camps, jails and activists networks, an alternative geography and an alternative lifestyle.

Vladan Jeremic & Rena Raedle (Belgrade)
A multimedia presentation on cultural and political activism in Belgrade, including new initiatives and open space for interventions; the local political context in Serbia and relations to wider contexts; conditions of work and possible ways to continue..?

Diplomatic Service discussion event / seminar, Andrew Gryf Paterson (Helsinki)
(Parallel event with Kitchen Budapest media lab, Budapest)

Contributing to the Imaginary Border Academy workshop, this seminar will explore further the concept of a 'special embassy'. This seminar will happen between persons present in both Skopje and Budapest venues, including Kitchen Budapest researchers. We will investigate, via participatory exercises and short presentations together, the types of diplomatic services an embassy for autonomous and mobile groups could offer to those who interface with it. The results of the seminar period will contribute to the dedicated 'special embassy' wiki.

Andrew is currently researcher-in-residence at Kitchen Budapest media lab, exploring this subject in question. He will spend one month researching the conceptual and historical elements of bilateral embassy missions, for example, the history of diplomatic network relations, ambassador roles, functions of embassies and foreign office, and the diplomatic services they offer. Benefiting from the environment of a lab which focuses on experimental interaction design, media art and technology, he will also consider the above topic in relation to open source activism, and networked and mobile platforms.

http://www.specialembassy.info/ http://kitchenbudapest.hu/

The Visa Wait and Walk Tour, Farida Heuck (Berlin)
(Parallel walk between Berlin and Skopje)

The immigration control system is changing and migrants are divided along economic and demographic policy interests. That becomes obvious when one takes a closer look at which institutions are involved in issuing visas. In Berlin, for example, there is the newly set up Business Immigration Service of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, which aims to ease the immigration of foreign entrepreneurs and specialized professionals. The job centers are also playing bigger roles in whether someone gets a visa or not. And there are still the well known institutions issuing visas, like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On my walk through various institutions, I am interested in seeing how the strategy of blocking, and controlling, recruitment will already appear in the buildings. The walk will also take place in Skopje where the institutions involved in issuing Schengen Visas are haunted. Come and join the Skopje Visa Wait and Walk Tour!

TransEuropean Fence Climbing Summit 2008, Kayle Brandon & Heath Bunting (Bristol)
(Parallel event with Passengers 2008 by the InSitu Foundation, Warsaw)

Synchronise watches and prepare for a unified hand and foot transeuropean fence climbing tour. Become physically engaged with fences, barriers, walls and all infrastructure designed to bounder space. The summit is a celebration and an action study of barrier fabric. As a stranger or lover to climbing take too it; climb alone or with a group, mark out route or just drift. The intention is not to overwhelm and penetrate the boundary but to surface, traverse, scale and ascend it. As one hand takes hold of a fence in Warsaw, a foot will lift a body onto a wall in Budapest, a person will get to the top in Skopje and a hand will reach for the next hold in Berlin....

In the evening at 8pm (CET), consider joining in on a mass online post climb conference.

For more info please see: http://irational.org/fence/

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