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21/09/08 - 03/11/08
Private View 19/09/08 6 - 10pm

SwanQuakeImageSwanQuake: House - 2007 Computer installation with sound

V22 are pleased to present SwanQuake:House

Beneath the paving stones of this part of the city stands a dressing 
table and chair. A humming resonates from the furniture and beckons us. 
Soon we are seated and engaged. In the mirrors we see imagery but no 
reflections. The virtual atmosphere is chilling. We are transported 
across the night sky to somewhere else...

For this exhibition Martelli and Gibson take over the V22 basement to 
create a site - responsive work. This marks the first instalment of an 
epic project begun in 2004. In House, specific attention is paid to the 
modification that nature undergoes as technology develops. Through 
re-purposing media tools and combining them with re-modeled household 
objects, the works simulate and reconfigure representations of our 
environment. The work is meticulously observed, painterly and verges on 
the sublime. Martelli and Gibson cite particular influences as 
Hitchcock, Ruskin, Jonas and Morandi.

Their practice is concerned with recreating environments and systems 
where coding joins hands with choreography of the body. Attention is 
paid to manipulating the space between the actual and the imaginary in 
order to provide a counterpoint via the human form. The result taps into 
a sensorial flux where the real and virtual co-exist, giving infinite 
possibilities to place.

This exhibition is accompanied by a publication SwanQuake: the user manual:
"The essays contained in the user manual provide a cultural, historical 
and technological context for SwanQuake. Igloo’s work is an excellent 
example of the adaptation of game systems to fine art… the essays serve 
as an informative and very well referenced entry point for current 
debates around “game art”." -Rob Myers for Furtherfield Reviews 25/03/08

Bruno Martelli & Ruth Gibson have exhibited widely both in Britain and 
abroad. Their recent solo shows include Summerbranch, ArtSway, 
Hampshire, Summerbranch & New Forest, Space4 Peterborough Museum and 
Winterspace, E:vent Teesdale St, London. In 2007 they were selected with 
five other artists to represent New Forest Pavilion at the 52nd Venice 

They have participated in group shows at Electra Building Gallery, 
Vancouver, Around the Coyote, Chicago, Park Tower, Tokyo, The Royal 
Opera House, London and Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York. They have toured 
work to Centre Arte Moderne, Lisbon, Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin. & 
Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo.

10-16 Ashwin Street
E8 3DL
Opening hours: Thursdays & Sundays 12 - 6pm
or by appointment +44 (0)20 7613 4996 eskimos at swanquake.com


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