[NetBehaviour] YouTube bans terrorism training videos.

info info at furtherfield.org
Sat Sep 13 12:52:48 CEST 2008

YouTube bans terrorism training videos.

Terrorist training videos will be banned from appearing on YouTube, 
under revised new guidelines being implemented by the popular 
video-sharing site.

The Google-owned portal will ban footage that advertises terrorism or 
extremist causes and supporters of the change hope it will blunt 
al-Qaeda's strong media online campaign.

The move comes after pressure on the internet search engine from 
Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman.

In addition to the ban on terror training videos, the new YouTube 
guidelines includes bans on videos that incite others to commit violent 
acts, videos on how to make bombs, and footage of sniper attacks.

The internet has become a powerful tool for terrorism recruitment. What 
was once conducted at secret training camps in Afghanistan is now 
available to anyone, anywhere because of the web.


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