[NetBehaviour] The Jeremy Bailey Interview on the Netbehaviour.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sat Sep 13 17:51:23 CEST 2008

Hi Jeremy,

 >kickn' it up a notch with the Freud! great stuff.

Yes, I may do this every now and then. Not necessarily with Freud, but 
with other references, just to open things up but only if it feels relevant.

 >the truth is, I started art school in the 90s
 >and all of my profs taught identity politics work.
 >Actually my first EVER studio class was called
 >women in art (I was the only man in the course).

 >So starting out I always felt as though I wasn't
 >allowed to make art. I wasn't a victim of any
 >societal prejudices or discrimination, I was a
 >very happy privileged white man with very few cares.

With identity politics being such a primary influence, it sounds like 
your art education was a complex yet insightful beginning. I can imagine 
that in order to find a voice for your work, there has been much 
re-evaluation taking place.

 >The type of work I make now, the type that casts
 >me as an ignorant/naive modern artist playing with
 >technology, was developed to try and create some
 >justification for myself in an ocean of those more
 >deserving than I.

Do you think that going through the re-evaluative process of 
justification has helped or hindered your practice, in regards to your 
creative-identity and approach to what your artwork could of been?


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