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>this text is not my own; my impluse drives the discourse.this
>discourse is not my own it is sedimented within my capacity for
>understanding and seeing; i have been programmed to be this way.this
>way is not my own; i share it with the others who cross, traverce and
>transcend through our memeterrain; i share it with my housemate from
>the other side of the world, whoes parents met at the same place as
>mine, though from the other side of the world and who was conceived
>at the same time as me.my housemate is not my own though we share
>some of the same source code.


I believe you left this in my head:

the loner
- - - - -

if you are priviledged to be in the situation you want to be in, doing
as your profession that which stimulates you, take pity on the outsider
trying from afar to enter into your field in the only way an outsider
can: alone, from outside.

the outsider may not work with people in the field, nor have friends
around him or herself with which to talk indepth and exchange ideas.

the professional on the other hand, his/her daily reality encompasses
discussion of the concepts within the the field. their position is
enviable to the outsider, not only from the financial but from the
point of view of further learning, guidance and support.

the outsider sees big holes is his/her work, always. gaps in their
knowledge are heightened by:

  a)the outsider having an intention and goal, borne of who knows what
    intuition or one time awareness, which specified he himself (or
    her herself) is the tool of production, the core component - make
    as much good of this as possible. but it can seem as if this
    very attitude is entirely at odds with the professionals.

  b)the professional field, particularly toward the corporate and
    institutional levels, in the perception of the outsider, is
    accelerating away in the other direction.

  c)resistance to the professional field: stubbornness from frustration
    with it, becomes ingrained, causing further separation.

the outsider is alone only with his/her own experience for guidance in
the field. the outsider looks for holes and creates work to fall through
them, but by doing so, merely serves the professionals further in their
wall building against loner types.


the professionals advance always in their field. they love to mock the
past and those left behind. the outsider entropies, until all that is
left is the core component that can see we're all just people really.
the outsider says
we can all live our ways but our ways have to change because this is
depressing again. the professionals are right because they know they are.
the outsider is just fucked off with it all.

>On 28 Sep 2008, at 11:24, james jwm-art net wrote:
>> A new online semi-net-art-but-not-really-but-could-be-up-to-you
>>           (it has user interaction and a gallery woooooo)
>> /*it's 1130 now been coding since 1430 yesterday to finish this*/
>> Right,
>> THE CSSNAKETRIX is a new work created by me, not entirely
>> original. It's a text-focused work abusing CSS and layering
>> oodles and oodles of text in different colours and positions
>> into your web browser.
>> To begin with it has 8 examples, but you can modify these
>> and tamper with them and then save them to THE CSSNAKETRIX
>> GALLERY - but hurry, save spaces are limited to a hundred ;-)
>> http://www.jwm-art.net/cssnaketrix/snaketrix.php
>> Regards,
>> James.
>> ----------------------------------------------------
>> ThE arRANGEment of tha C0d3 i5 m.y::own, i think,
>> atleast - I cut my own wood for it.
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