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Sun Sep 28 20:40:26 CEST 2008

hi james

I think this is a great work - I really enjoyed playing around with
the controls- I got the hang of playing around with it quickly - it's
very intuitive. The pictures generated have a lovely aesthetic to
them. I find there's always an excitement with net art when the output
is really interesting, then I find myself wondering how it could exist
outside of the screen. I suppose it doesn't need to, that's the point,
and it wouldn't make any sense anyway outside of the screen.

anyway, really like it


2008/9/28 james jwm-art net <james at jwm-art.net>:
> A new online semi-net-art-but-not-really-but-could-be-up-to-you
>          (it has user interaction and a gallery woooooo)
> /*it's 1130 now been coding since 1430 yesterday to finish this*/
> Right,
> THE CSSNAKETRIX is a new work created by me, not entirely
> original. It's a text-focused work abusing CSS and layering
> oodles and oodles of text in different colours and positions
> into your web browser.
> To begin with it has 8 examples, but you can modify these
> and tamper with them and then save them to THE CSSNAKETRIX
> GALLERY - but hurry, save spaces are limited to a hundred ;-)
> http://www.jwm-art.net/cssnaketrix/snaketrix.php
> Regards,
> James.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> ThE arRANGEment of tha C0d3 i5 m.y::own, i think,
> atleast - I cut my own wood for it.
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