[NetBehaviour] GPS Spoofing

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Sep 29 13:13:54 CEST 2008

GPS Spoofing

Our global society relies on the civilian GPS for our communications 
networks, transportation of goods, power distribution, financial 
transactions and emergency response, using precise location information 
and time synchronization. Unfortunately, the GPS system was not designed 
for this purpose. The civilian GPS has dangerous security 
vulnerabilities which now leave our global society at risk of serious 
disruption at any moment.

1) Hijack the truck, and then use GPS to send a false position signal to 
headquarters. Headquarters would see that the truck had stopped, but 
once the fake GPS signal was deployed, they would think the the truck 
was back en route.

2) Send a counterfeit signal before ever hijacking the truck. This way, 
even if the driver panicked and sent an alert, the attacker could make 
it appear that the truck was at a different location. This would require 
that the attacker disrupt and spoof the truck’s GPS signals from a 
distance, without close range contact.


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