[NetBehaviour] Upgrade! Lisbon in e-mails

Maja Kalogera maya at kalogera.net
Sat Sep 27 09:55:00 CEST 2008

hi dear luis,
how are you????
i like the way you put lisbon upgrade announcements in e-mail.

i did that last year also for my rothko show and i forgot how to do that.
i put html link, right?
my html is here: http://upgrade.wowm.org/up_zg.html
what to do next????
if i wouldn't be so exhausted with preparations and last minute tech problems,
as a net artist i would probably feel ashamed to ask such thing :))
but these days i'm everything but artist, more chairs mover !


p.s. also, on what lists, except rhizome and netbehaviour, you announce?

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