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Tue Sep 30 19:14:22 CEST 2008


As suggested, this version has ability to export to a PNG image.

This functionality required various preparations resulting in an updated
user interface and further features including:

* can now edit the actual generating data aswell as
  the data providing the data ranges for the randomly
  generated data - including flipping layers from
  large text above to small text above etc.

* can now export to PNG

* code improvements under the hood (but who'll know).



CSSNAKETRIX relies on it's own stylesheet. It is
extremely likely user stylesheet settings or other
settings for altering web design (ie for readability)
will screw it right up. CSSNAKETRIX will also look
troubled on older browsers, and one or two new ones
(ie gecko based) might display things a little differently.

CSSNAKETRIX stylesheet uses the serif font, and a custom
line height. if this is altered by user settings etc,
PNG export will look different to what you expect as the
export uses the DejaVuSerif font (as supplied by Debian
GNU/Linux) for rendering text to the image.

PNG export is a little buggy, did not catch until
uploaded, due to mindless limiting of test case.
probably will fix tomorrow afternoon.

PNG export sizes are limited between 100 x 100 up
to 2000 x 3000 (w*h).

PNG exports should not be hotlinked. They will get
deleted due to space restrictions. When you create
a PNG export and then modify the parameters, that
PNG will be deleted.

Probably other bugs and things to watch out for too.
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