[NetBehaviour] XorGramana-0.0.8

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Wed Apr 1 19:38:45 CEST 2009

Wednesday April 1st 2009

XorGramana is a game by jwm-art.net based upon Xor (an 8bit game
circa 1990). XorGramana is a logic puzzle kind-of-word game set
inside a series of mazes. It is a source-code only release,
(GNU GPLv3 licensed) and should run on GNU/Linux systems with gcc,
make, and the SDL development libraries installed.


What's new?

    * two new levels: 'home economics' and 'trips n tracks'.

    * several new floor, wall, and edge textures and
      new combinations of these.

    * map display is working both for XOR and XorGramana -
      shows where word solutions should be placed.

    * GNU GPLv3 now included, with copyright notices atop each
      source file.

    * numerous fixes, including:

        * fixed main level menu (again).

        * escape key no longer infuriatingly answers 'no' to
          replay prompt when you least wanted it to.

        * replay error in XorGramana caused by masks.

        (for more details see CHANGES file).

XorGramana Home Page:

Direct Download:


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