[NetBehaviour] The Pirate Bay to roll out secure EUR5 per month VPN service.

Michael Zeltner m at niij.org
Fri Apr 3 22:51:41 CEST 2009

2009/4/1 Yvonne Martinsson <yvonne at freewheelin.nu>:
> In fact, I'm very disappointed. Not about the trial, but about Pirate Bay.
> As it turns out, the guy who has supported Pirate Bay financially, is a
> millionaire and a (former) member of the organization Keep Sweden Swedish, a
> neo-Nazi organization here.

What's his name? I'd be interested to look further into it. There's
always a strange correlation between file sharers, free speech
advocates and fascists.

> The others have had no income for years, have
> high tax debts and are in general of the opinion that you don't have to
> contribute to society. Hard to believe that they've had no income with lots
> of advertising and loads of visitors.

Ah, actually, if you add up the people that actually click the ads
(which in case of the TPB, I can see how it wouldn't be so many as
there's generally more technically advanced people in there who might
have adblockers installed), I can't imagine that you're getting that
much money out of it. If you add server costs (TPB is 'the world's
largest BitTorrent tracker' or so they say), I can definitely see how
they wouldn't have a huge income at all.

> They're, in my view, nothing but
> neo-liberal profit-seeking egos. Nothing else. No activism as far as I can
> see. It makes me wonder about file-sharing and activism. Does it go without
> saying that a site like Pirate Bay is 'good'? In any case, nothing is black
> and white.

TPB isn't directly about activism, never was - they specifically split
from the group that deal with activism (Piratbyrån) and always held a
more rough "waving middle fingers in the air" approach to the whole
copyright issue. They are certainly part of a trend, but as far as I
heard from interviews and conversations with people that surround the
project, not as profit oriented as for example the Dutch Mininova
(which according to Wikipedia have a revenue of €1 million). I could
be wrong though and they're even more anti-establishment than is
already visible :)

The better groups to look for activism are definitely Piratbyrån and
the Piratpartiet. The Piratbyrån actually sees itself as more of an
art project - I wish I had a recording of the brilliant performance
they gave in Vienna last year to elaborate on what that could mean,
but I'll have to ask a few friends where the material is first.

I'll post the recording on here if it's uploaded anytime soon, or if I
happen to remember :)


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