[NetBehaviour] FBI Agents Raid Dallas Computer Business.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sat Apr 4 11:48:23 CEST 2009

FBI Agents Raid Dallas Computer Business.

If you were online and couldn't access some websites today, we might 
know the reason why. The FBI raided a Dallas building that houses 
servers for several different websites.

CBS 11 News has learned that the raid is part of a general criminal 
investigation. Because of the confiscation of computers at Core IP 
Networks, a number of legitimate businesses have been affected.

 From the downtown office building in the 2300 block of Bryan Street, 
FBI agents seized what one source described as millions of dollars in 
computer equipment.

Matthew Simpson, the owner of Core IP Networks, said in a letter posted 
online that FBI agents raided two floors and 'pulled the plug' on his 
clients' web servers starting at 6 o'clock Thursday morning. Agents also 
raided Simpson's house in Ovilla.

In the online letter Simpson said, "Neither I, nor Core IP are involved 
in any illegal activities of any kind. The only data that I have 
received thus far is that the FBI is investigating a company that has 
purchased services from Core IP in the past."


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