[NetBehaviour] Ada Lovelace and multi-maryfestos

cristina l. duarte lduarte.cduarte at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 13:47:48 CEST 2009

Hi Majena!
i appreciated very much your words, and I tried to enter the multi maryfest
blog - excellent name and idea - but it was not possible. even when a add a
l to  'bogspot' (http://multi-maryfest.bogspot.com), the result was nule,
and the blogger said the name was not registered. So, it's only to relate
this I'm writing to you,
hoping you have a nice sunday,
to you all,
my best wishes
cristina duarte.

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 7:31 AM, Majena Mafe <majenamafe at iprimus.com.au>wrote:

>  After the Ada extravaganza, I’ve been thinking about all these wonderful
> women and wondering where are their manifesto’s. I’ve decided they should
> have be called multiple-maryfesto's rather than manifestos. The list of
> recommendations for the Ada Lovelace list of women distinguished in
> technologies has revealed a very very long and rich as bunch of little
> known women and their creative works. What were these women thinking I
> wonder, what was their frame of inspiration, how broad was their maryfesto?
> and how close or far from achieving it was their work as we now know it.
> Is what we take to be their work ....'THE' work. Women's achievements in
> the arts, is a marginalized & subversive force. (how exciting) ... but am
> wondering what others think about re-visiting the manifesto and testing
> applying some of the best to their own 'means' of mischief.
> So…a maryfesto is a ...is a list inspiring paradigms that shape creative
> work, be it sonic art, creative knitting, experimental ecriture writing or
> avant-garde painting practices...this is the place where every maryfesto's
> written by a self identifying 'mary' is welcome.
> Where are the lost maryfesto's, by all the brilliant mary minds of the
> past? What is the maryfesto frame women and mary's are working with now?
> I've started a new forum collecting and working with all sorts of creative
> MULTI_MARYFESTOS http://multi-maryfest.bogspot.com
> Please participate if this interests you too.
> Majena Mafe
> Let me listen to me and not to them... Gertrude Stein
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