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Mon Apr 6 19:03:06 CEST 2009

Dear Netbehaviourists,

Welcome to the April 09 issue of Furthernoise.org, Furtherfield.org's 
sister site.

As always we are featuring loads of new music and experimental sound 
works from a host of UK and international sound artists.

Our audio player is again stocked with a brand new selection of sounds, 
so whether your in spring or autumn sit back and enjoy !

Furthernoise issue April 2009

"Behind the Celer Door" (feature)
Celer - California-based couple, Will Long and Dani Baquet-Long - are 
purveyors of textural ambient with an ever-expanding catalogue 
testifying to the depth and breadth of their work. Their organic-digital 
audio-data minings come with a mission statement: “to produce works that 
reflect the nature of love, family, and their concerns and interests, 
through a relative and absolute symposium of expression.”
feature by Alan Lockett

"A Fit of the Jerks - Kirameki" (review)
Kirameki are two Scottish and Japanese musicians collaborating over the 
Internet. They're unpredictable, draw on a wide-range of influences, and 
don't shy away from humourous audio manipulation.
review by Alex Young

"Back to Minus - TL041" (review)
Back to Minus gurgles and plods along like a large amphibious spaceship. 
I can hear distant roaring drone of the engine in its belly. TL0741 has 
a knack for colouring in the same shade of doom song while revealing 
more and more detail through ever so slowly morphing his effect settings.
review by Derek Morton

"Intuitive Music Live in Cologne - Flowers of Now" (review)
Recorded live at St. Maternus Church, Cologne, Germany in 2006 Flowers 
of Now - Intuitive Music Live in Cologne is an album collaboration 
featuring Luca Formentini (electric guitar), Markus Stockhausen 
(trumpets), Vera Fischer (flutes), Tara Bouman (clarinets) and Deborah 
Walker (cello). As a live recording it contains all the signifiers of an 
environment like this.
review by Roger Mills

"Touching the heart of the drone" (review)
Chicago-based Haptic is a group of musicians layering drones live, in 
real time, since 2005. Their music blends into a slowly evolving 
texture, combining deep resonance with subtle, chaotic percussives, with 
just enough references to focus attention through the rich, simmering 
review by Caleb Deupree

"Wounded Breath - Erdem Helvacioglu" (review)
Wounded Breadth is another immersive sonic experience from one of 
Turkey's more esteemed sonic sculptors, Erdem Helvacioglu. Where his 
previous work sounded like heaven's ire, with its processed guitar and a 
veritable menagerie of blunt yet beautiful electronic textures, Wounded 
Breadth is a strictly electro-acoustic album of a more aggressive, 
conceptual bent.
review by Max Schaefer

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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