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Date: 4/6/2009
From: "Frank Barknecht"
Subject: Re: [LAD] basic in-game audio synthesis api?

Stephen Sinclair hat gesagt: // Stephen Sinclair wrote:

> What about using an external program like Pd or ChucK to design your
> sounds, and just talk to the sound engine using OSC?
> (Hm, yes this does seem like my answer for everything these days...)
> Anyways, you can run a Pd patch for example without the GUI, or a lot
> of the effects you mention are built into ChucK or SuperCollider as
> well.  I find it nice to be able to separate this stuff out of a
> program and have it running in another process, particularly if it's
> going to conflict with a game loop, and allows you to design nice
> audio routines without worrying about headache-inducing system-level
> technical details.

Or you embed Pd: It's done like that in "Spore", which runs a Pd
engine inside,
or in RjDj, which is something in between a game and a music software and
runs Pd embedded.

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