[NetBehaviour] Multi-MARYfestos correct address

Ruth Catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Tue Apr 7 13:25:49 CEST 2009

Hi Karen,
This is a maryfesto I could happily sign up to ; )
It's so wonderfully un-muscular


1 don't buy clothes share them
2 play with others more
3 laugh at patriarchs
4 rewrite propaganda and make it ours
5 make vulnerabiblity a skill
6 exploit tech but stay earthed
7 be proud and loud
8 believe in the humanity of diversion 
9 acknowledge that knowledge is a currency
10 dialogue is action
11 intimacy is recognition not sex
12 climb higher but not alone
13 laugh at those muscles
14 question the noise and glide through it
15 observe, consider then walk around it
16 enjoy the lust but not if it is peocessed
17 wrestle with love and then live with it
18 see nuns as friends future liberators
19 unearth what was once invisible
20 don't climb mountains respect them
21 share and share and share
22 shoplift culture, reclaim our goods
23 remember that we are changing
24 our freedoms are not an object
25 speak when not spoken to
26 let the shallowness of power be noticed
27 treat ideoligy like a cup of tea, sip it and then try another blend
28 be a secret agent
29 leave messages for others to find, everywhere

2009/4/5 Majena Mafe <majenamafe at iprimus.com.au>
        Hi Christina, thank you for letting me know…yes I offered a very
        wrong address,
        This is the right one, hope you enjoy…
        Majena Mafe  
        Let me listen to me and not to them... Gertrude Stein
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        Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 12:47:48 +0100
        From: "cristina l. duarte" <lduarte.cduarte at gmail.com>
        Subject: Re: [NetBehaviour] Ada Lovelace and multi-maryfestos
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        Hi Majena!
        i appreciated very much your words, and I tried to enter the
        multi maryfest
        blog - excellent name and idea - but it was not possible. even
        when a add a
        l to  'bogspot' (http://multi-maryfest.bogspot.com), the result
        was nule,
        and the blogger said the name was not registered. So, it's only
        to relate
        this I'm writing to you,
        hoping you have a nice sunday,
        to you all,
        my best wishes
        cristina duarte.
        On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 7:31 AM, Majena Mafe
        <majenamafe at iprimus.com.au>wrote:
        >  After the Ada extravaganza, I?ve been thinking about all
        these wonderful
        > women and wondering where are their manifesto?s. I?ve decided
        they should
        > have be called multiple-maryfesto's rather than manifestos.
        The list of
        > recommendations for the Ada Lovelace list of women
        distinguished in
        > technologies has revealed a very very long and rich as bunch
        of little
        > known women and their creative works. What were these women
        thinking I
        > wonder, what was their frame of inspiration, how broad was
        their maryfesto?
        > and how close or far from achieving it was their work as we
        now know it.
        > Is what we take to be their work ....'THE' work. Women's
        achievements in
        > the arts, is a marginalized & subversive force. (how
        exciting) ... but am
        > wondering what others think about re-visiting the manifesto
        and testing
        > applying some of the best to their own 'means' of mischief.
        > So?a maryfesto is a ...is a list inspiring paradigms that
        shape creative
        > work, be it sonic art, creative knitting, experimental
        ecriture writing or
        > avant-garde painting practices...this is the place where every
        > written by a self identifying 'mary' is welcome.
        > Where are the lost maryfesto's, by all the brilliant mary
        minds of the
        > past? What is the maryfesto frame women and mary's are working
        with now?
        > I've started a new forum collecting and working with all sorts
        of creative
        > MULTI_MARYFESTOS http://multi-maryfest.bogspot.com
        > Please participate if this interests you too.
        > Majena Mafe
        > Let me listen to me and not to them... Gertrude Stein
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