[NetBehaviour] Slade Technology Fayre

Joe Clark joe.clark.x at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 18:01:06 CEST 2009

Hello everyone.

I would like to invite you all to participate in Slade Technology Fayre.

There are two strands- the afternoon session which is workshop based and the
evening session which is more informal. Full details below.

I'm looking for participants in general and also for people who may be
interested in running a workshop in the afternoon.

I hope you find the Fayre interesting

All the best


joe.clark.x at gmail.com

 *Slade Technology Fayre*

Slade Research Centre, Woburn Square

Thursday 7th May

Workshop sessions 11-5pm

Evening Event 5-9pm

Open Call: *Anybody* using technology in an interesting way to make art- or
trying to make art!

Loosely modelled around the format of a science fair, Slade Technology Fayre
is an informal non-hierarchical event, which seeks to gather skills and
experience into the school and escalate the conversation surrounding work
that makes use of technology in an interesting way.

At the Fayre all participants are both teachers and learners. Simply, the
goal is to present projects or research that have a  technological
component. The only rule is that at some point along the line the research
must have the aspiration to be read as an artwork.

For people used to presenting work in a critical context this is an
opportunity to take a step back and share information about the
often-invisible activities happening in the computer. For those less engaged
with a critical sphere, the Fayre is an opportunity to get involved in a
discussion about how the work is operating *critically* as well as
*The Fayre will feature:*
* *
-       Speed dating- a quick introduction to each participant and their
-       Day-time workshop sessions
-       Small group critiques
-       A discussion event exploring the role of technology in art practice.
-       Stands from useful companies
-       An evening free for all.

Examples of the kind of projects you may want to show: Physical Computing,
3D printing, Robotics, Net Art, Novel Projection Methods, Hacking (hardware
or software), Lighting, Live Video, Processing, Max/MSP, Isadora…etc etc etc

Email: joe.clark.x at gmail.com to get involved. Include a little info about
you and put FAYRE in the subject. All welcome.
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