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Tue Apr 14 13:23:05 CEST 2009

Medialab Prado has recently organised INTERACTIVOS? LIMA'09: Magic and
Technology, which started yesterday and will run until April 28th in
Lima (Peru). I would be happy to hear from a similar event here in the
UK, so if anyone knows of any...

I quote from their website

"This new edition of Interactivos? is inspired by the strategies of
magic and illusion, in order to harness some of the old and new
technological resources to collectively build software pieces and
interactive installations which can propose a rethinking of the usual
scenario in magic tricks, marked by a very clear separation between
the wizard and the spectators."

"Magic and illusion have always gone hand in hand with technology;
from mechanical illusions, optical and mirror tricks, through the
incorporation of electricity and the filmed image, to digital
technology: augmented reality, reactive objects, reality hacking and
immersive spaces."

Some interesting thing that will be happening during the event:


One of the workshops is lead by Stuart Nolan, who is a magician and
researcher on game and magic applied to creativity and learning. He
will be collaborating with performers and artists to develop
mysterious effects based on pure mind reading techniques that require
just a few people and the technologies of language, observation,
computation and psychology.



RAINBOWS BY kyd campbell
+ Rainbows consists of a solar powered system that allows anonymous
contributors in public space to safely dispose of their unwanted
digital images and contribute to the occurrence of a real rainbow

Using common USB technology, images can be sent to the Rainbows
system, which is controlled by pure data. The system will simplify the
images, extract the colour data for all of the rainbow colours
(roygbiv) using pixel grab and store the information.

Once an image is sent to the system, it is erased from its original
source [erased off of the camera or other USB storage device], as if
it had been thrown in the garbage.

As the 'bins' of colour information fill up, the pd patch will notice
when there is a balance of colours in all 'bins'. When a balance is
reached, the pd patch will trigger a mechanical function, which will
produce a real rainbow.



MASA, by Rolando Sanchez & Andrea Sosa

A projection displays a corpse on the floor. Nine users could, through
the sychronization of their heart rates, make that human being return
into life.

Through sensors heart pulses are captured; mats and small staircases
allow to “regulate” the rythm. Besides the nine users, sorrounding the
man, there is a tenth place for a second projection.

As the pulses get synchronized, the corpse  gradually come back to
life, to the point of standing up and walking towards the projected
space, joining up the group.

When a user leave the room or the harmony is lost, the character fades
and returns to lay in the center, reseting the cycle.

Based on the MASA poem by Cesar Vallejo
http://www.theliberal.co.uk/issue_9/poe … asa_9.html


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