[NetBehaviour] the no fly pledge

hight at 34n118w.net hight at 34n118w.net
Wed Apr 15 10:13:37 CEST 2009

have done a few using Skype...one with text only ...went well

another with text and video...not as well..video went in and out and froze
a few times

also did a keynote as a video uploaded

It is extremely difficult here in Los Angeles in this economy for me to
travel. It is painful to have to pass on chances to actually meet those
bundles of text out there such as folks here instead of being so isolated 
and to have warm human interpersonal experiences and see what folks are up

Even had to pass on a conference in Washington state last years due to



> just noticed the no fly pledge....
> a really interesting idea.....living in Australia makes
> traveling anywhere expensive and painful....so I've
> been testing out various methods for doing artist talks
> online....although there are lots of options...the other
> end usually is too scared....or has troubles....can
> anyone suggest some methods that have worked well?
> my last net chat was via gchat....and it worked well for about
> 30 minutes and then crapped out....
> Jason
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