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Marc's mails haven't been getting through today for some reason and he
has asked me to forward them.

Forward from Marc---->
Hi Helen,


I personally feel that, meeting people in the flesh is very important 
and can change how we relate to each other.
The main problem for anyone, who is wondering how they could possibly 
join the pledge that we have proposed or are at least 'may be'
the notion of lessening their art flights; is that, if you exist in an 
area which is not as highly populated as London and any other busy city 
in the world, one immediately can observe where problems lies more, it 
is with those who are enjoying the vast infrastructures layed out in 
highly populated areas where flights are more regular and where there 
are more people flying.


Through this dialogue with yourself and Pall, I can see that it more is 
about degrees and where the emphasis of responsibility rests...


Enjoy your travel around Europe and hopefully see you if you visit the


        i live in new zealand so flying possibly more expensive & longer
        anywhere else (a minimum 3 hour flight to get to the closest
        but it's also kind of necessary, because even tho we have some
        communities here like the aotearoa digital arts network, & the
        aotearoa network for women in theatre - we still have a very
        population & it's much easier to earn a living through your art
        there" than it is here.
        my practice happens to be cyberformance (live online
        performance) so
        generally my rehearsals & performances do take place, & with the
        avatar body collision we have never actually all met each other
        managed to work together over the internet since 2001. i have a
        lot of
        collaborators around the world & it's great to be able to work
        with them
        without having to fly anywhere : )
        i do a lot of conference/seminar presentations via the internet
        - most
        recently i co-presented with paula crutchlow at the presence
        at exeter university in the uk. paula was there, i was here in
        nz. we
        used UpStage (http://www.upstage.org.nz) and skype. i've done
        quite a
        few presentations this way, where the online presenter(s) can
        hear the
        on-site presenter(s) via skype, and is responding in UpStage in
        variety of ways. it works well, & adds humour, visuals, etc to a
        the one thing i have found with skype is that while most of the
        time the
        sound quality is excellent, every now & again it is appalling. i
        it has something to do with the time of day, but i'm not sure.
        if it
        happens to be appalling when the presentation is happening, it's
        can be
        impossible to understand the presenter, which makes it
        difficult. a way
        around this is to have a script or a good outline that the
        presenter(s) can use to stay in the loop. sometimes we've done
        presentations where the online presenter(s) aren't on skype
        (e.g. the
        performance presentation a number of us did at SCANZ in nz in
        feb, with
        me on stage & 4 others online) but this makes improvisation &
        sponteneity a bit more problematic.
        we also run UpStage tutorials totally online, & that works
        fine : )
        but sometimes we still have to fly ... & as in less than 5 weeks
        embarking on a 6 month trip to europe, i really can't sign the
        ... but i'm looking forward to seeing some of you in the
        flesh : )
        h : )
        Jason Nelson wrote:
         > > just noticed the no fly pledge....
         > >
         > > a really interesting idea.....living in Australia makes
         > > traveling anywhere expensive and painful....so I've
         > > been testing out various methods for doing artist talks
         > > online....although there are lots of options...the other
         > > end usually is too scared....or has troubles....can
         > > anyone suggest some methods that have worked well?
         > >
         > > my last net chat was via gchat....and it worked well for
         > > 30 minutes and then crapped out....
         > >
         > > Jason
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