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hey all

i took this pledge, but it's easy for me as i barely get any time to
dedicate to art as it is, the idea that i would have the time and money to
fly somewhere to see it is almost absurd. for some of you guys it looks more
challenging, and it really the challenged that should be taking this pledge.
for me it's like saying 'i pledge to carry on pretty much as i already am

if you really need to fly to the art, because you live in rochdale or
reykvavik or whatever and the local scene is a bit flat, perhaps you should
be putting energy into revitalising that local scene, rather than spend time
surfing for cheap flights to new york.


2009/4/16 Tim Cowlishaw <tim at timcowlishaw.co.uk>

> On 16 Apr 2009, at 10:10, helen varley jamieson wrote:
> > yes turning off lights & appliances, & not overheating buildings, is
> > just as (maybe more?) important as reducing flights & driving. i don't
> > have the stats but i understand that even turning off things like
> > computers & stereos at the wall can make a difference.
> I think the point is though, that it's not an either / or. We need to
> be doing all of the above, and urgently. If people's personal
> circumstances make this difficult / impossible that's a seperate
> issue, but we can't really be using energy efficiency in some areas to
> jsutify extravagence in others - it's basically the same offsetting,
> but on a personal scale, and it doesn't work.
> Cheers,
> Tim
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