[NetBehaviour] some stats fly vs net

Jason Nelson heliopod at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 15:09:34 CEST 2009


here are a few stats....to fly from Brisbane to LAX it costs the env
 4,184 lbs CO2  per person

to use a website the CO2 carbon output is:
Wissner-Gross told TechNewsWorld. "Our work has nothing to do with
Google. Our focus was exclusively on the Web overall, and we found
that it takes on average about 20 milligrams of CO2 per second to
visit a Web site."

so that means......  20 times 60 times 60 for one hour:  72000
milligrams, roughly 3 ounces...
and lets say we err up....and times that by 100.....that would make
300 ounces......or even
times 1000 for what reason I have no idea...just in case you have a
thousand websites running ....
3000 ounces.......divided by 16 for lbs.......and we still get far less....
that of course doesnt count your laptop power....but then you use your
laptop on the plane now dont you.

now of course my case is extreme.... so from London to Paris its   728 lbs CO2
still far less (maybe even a hundred times less or more) than the
average visit to a chat room....


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