[NetBehaviour] as if it were an apple

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Thu Apr 16 21:01:08 CEST 2009

>Perhaps you were the apple was you...

There was no object called apple.

The dream-self had a thought referring to the eating of an apple:

Eating my own hand was a normal thing to do, just like eating an apple is.

>But, who is the biter?

Well, yesterday my dream interpretation skills lead me to consider that
my hand may have represented my brain. Either there's a part of me
which is cancerous to my self and I should seek a psychologist, or,
perhaps I have brain cancer and should seek a doctor.

There again I could be entirely wrong and it was just something to
entertain me during the first day of an excruciatingly boring
minimum-wage agency job.

just had to share it somewhere.


On 16/4/2009, "marc garrett" <marc.garrett at furtherfield.org> wrote:

>Hi James,
>Perhaps you were the apple was you...
>But, who is the biter?
>m :-)
>> this morning i dreampt i ate my hand as if it were an apple. it was my
>> left hand i ate and i ate it like an apple. just the stump of my hand
>> was left, just above the wrist... did i mention, i ate it like an apple?
>> i felt no pain nor discomfort, it seemed perfectly natural, like eating
>> an apple. i was hungry and had no other food so i ate my hand, as if it
>> were an apple. my hand was eaten just like an apple. i looked at it with
>> reassurance it would grow back soon enough and wondered just how soon
>> that would be. i looked away and back again; my hand was completely
>> normal as if i had not eaten my hand as if it were an apple. i wondered
>> was this a trick of the mind? surely after eating my hand it would not
>> grow back that quick, even if, after eating it like an apple, it was
>> perfectly natural for it to grow back quickly. i poked it and it was
>> solid. it stayed with me all day.
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