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helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Fri Apr 17 00:06:30 CEST 2009

have you given your students the call for the 090909 UpStage festival? 
they can perform to audiences around the world without  flying anywhere.


h : )

Jason Nelson wrote:
> today I was rummaging through calls for artwork for my students. And I've
> noticed a drop as of late in the calls for work specifically targeting anything
> remotely close to net art. most of them are for festivals, requiring some
> performative aspect, or searching for more mechanical contraptions, all of which
> not only "cost" in environmental and monetary ways, but also tend to only
> collect a local audience, with mostly semi-local talent.  even video calls ask
> for DVDs to be mailed....
> part of this might have to do with funding models....in terms of both maximizing
> the impact (large scale festivals) and requiring a model of audience
> participation
> that is easier to understand for arts funding bodies (look there are people!!!)
> and it would seem that everyone else is finally going
> net....newspapers, stores, banks
> etc.....so why is it the art world is backing off.....?
> I would love to meet others....in person....I dont think I've met even
> a handful of you
> on the list......but why havent we all developed easy ways to meet up?
>  why aren't
> net artworks and net based art portals funded (sure there are small
> bits here and there)
> but fighting over a few rhizome or turbulence grants (and small ones
> at that) seems sad
> considering how much impact our work has.....in terms of raw numbers
> of audience for
> example.......
> I would be overjoyed to not travel.....to have more venues and
> exhibitions (funded ones)
> that allow us to simply send files, do chats, and play here...where we
> type.mouse
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