[NetBehaviour] Devils avocado

Roger Mills roger at furthernoise.org
Fri Apr 17 02:40:57 CEST 2009

Hi Everyone,

Something I haven't noticed (and sorry if it's escaped my attention)  
in the discussion on the don't fly for art pledge is that there should  
be a recognition that we shouldn't go by ship or have anything shipped  
for art either. Possibly given that shipping produces twice the  
emissions of flying it should be this rather than flying ?

See http://www.newscientist.com/blog/environment/2007/03/ships-planes-and-carbon-emissions.html


As Helen an Pall have mentioned it has be a little relative to your  
location...whereas for the many people in the UK who cross the channel  
by ship each year, they may actually produce less carbon by flying and  
even less by going by train. As most art trips are subsidised the more  
expensive options are possible but for the many who are less  
financially solvent crossing the channel by boat is still the cheapest  
way of getting to the continent.

Of course as Marc says it's a matter of balance rather than absolutes  
and I would add proportion to this too. My hats off for all who are  
taking the pledge and armed with the knowledge of other even higher  
emission options to avoid we can all cut out unnecessary carbon  

I'll have bacon with mine !


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