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marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Apr 19 14:34:03 CEST 2009

Hi Giles,

If the pledge was around then, perhaps things may of been different. ;-)

 > I plead guilty as charged

I have problems with the guilt thing. I'm sure you meant this in a 
tongue cheek way, but I have noticed a general nuance on the list 
harbouring various levels of guilt when dealing with contexts around the 
subject of climate change (as in modern climate) and the project 'We 
won't fly for art'.

One of the many important factors to consider is how to claim agency, 
stand with 'authentic' definitions which allow us the room to take 
personal control as well as be aware critically, so to acknowledge our 
own local perspectives and global sights on the matter. Then think about 
how we can make a difference, if interested.

The other thing is, this really is not about blaming people, we are all 
in this together. Each of us possess the capacity within ourselves in 
evaluating beyond the immediate self, understanding those external 
situations and consequences which cannot be dealt with by one single 
entity alone.

If we need to blame anyone, it really should not be the messengers who 
are making an effort to bring about effective changes for a better 
world. It should be our governments for failing to incorporate earlier 
on, realistic goals, programmes and activities in our institutional 
infrastructures, for dealing with what we are faced with now. A major 
part of the blocks and complexities, which have delayed many of us in 
grappling with issues concerning climate change and learning about 
global warming in a coherent fashion; can be placed at the door of our 
governments allowing neo-liberal companies more concerned about their 
profits rather our planet's survival to hire numerous, dodgy (so called) 
scientists to deny climate change in the media world-wide. Many of 
these, now discredited individuals have been proven wrong, but during 
the Bush reign it was most confusing, many would use this as a way out 
of facing ecologically based, world-changing difficulties.

"I see the consequences of global warming being relative late-comers to 
the cascade of crises I think will befall our planet in this century. I 
expect that our preoccupation with economic depression, pandemic 
disease, the end of oil, the exhaustion of other resources due to 
overpopulation and waste, and nuclear, biological and chemical violence 
will distract us from paying significant attention to 'natural 
disasters' precipitated by CO2 until it is far too late. Such disasters 
may, however, be the icing on the cake that seals the fate of our 
civilization." Tim Flannery.

Statements such as this one above may seem scary, but are we prepared to 
take the gamble and not explore deeper the issues facing us as rather 
than hedge bets on fait accompli?

I also wish to reiterate that the 'We won't fly for art' project is an 
experiment to see how many are interested in exploring with us - as in 
Ruth and myself, not furtherfield - from the arts community; the 
activity and critical approach of facing a very difficult challenge for 
us all and how we can deal with this via the context of how the art 
world behaves. Are we in the art world willing to let things be the same 
and not evaluate other possibilities?

The dialogue on this list has been authentic and I respect this, for it 
has allowed us to get to the nitty gritty of things :-)


 > Dear All,
 > I plead guilty as charged, and here is the evidence, on furtherfield 
no less, a review of this years Transmediale, to which  of course I flew.
 > I usually try and avoid such self publicity, although perhaps on this 
occasion it is better to come clean.
 > http://www.furtherfield.org/displayreview.php?review_id=334
 > Regards Giles Askham
 > www.askham.org
 > www.game-play.org.uk
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 >     "i didn't understand the pledge as being about flying to 
 >     art, but flying for our art careers"
 >     that was just me not reading it carefully enough! as you were
 >     2009/4/16 helen varley jamieson <helen at creative-catalyst.com>
 >         er - what about net art? cyberformance? networked 
performance? broadcast
 >         music? webcasting? art on telly? (i think that does happen,
 >         occasionally) ... there is a wealth of art that can be 
 >         without leaving the comfort of your own home.
 >         i didn't understand the pledge as being about flying to 
 >         art, but flying for our art careers which, as many people 
have said,
 >         does become necessary sometimes ...
 >         h : )
 >         > This doesn't only happen with art, but the problem with art 
is you
 >         > have to be physically in front of it to experience it. You 
can't just
 >         > send a painting or an installation by email. So, what 
effect will this
 >         > pledge have?
 >         >
 >         >
 >         > isabel
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