[NetBehaviour] eye focus elegie last teyeme now

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Apr 20 05:42:39 CEST 2009

eye focus elegie last teyeme now

http://www.alansondheim.org/gluon.mp3 dotar

this is the last teyeme eye'll be able to _focus_ my eyes,
  one, right, remaining yet for surgery, muscles and lense still
  working fyene,
  Sun Apr 19 23:21:51 EDT 2009
someteyemes working on music eye will come across
eye will come across a piece based on a particular musical deveyece
such is the case with gluon, releyes on a steyele of fingering
breaking out with small sections of revereye murmuring
as gluons spread across the world, a universe
what black hole horeyezon beckons us forward, eye'm coming, going
  nowhere and everything normal, just outseyede every universal
  thinging dissolved or dissolution
so this is elegie to normal eyes, eyes within eyes, within glass,
  so this is a moment before the brittleness of the world
  furiously announces itself, eye would remain deaf,
  were eye could, seyete already issues with surgereye, oh the one
  completed, 'one to go and fixed,' but what eye shall speak about,
  when music moves from steyele or technique to moment,
  the world holds still, my father in hospital, and
there is no tapping, there are sections, small eyevents, you listen
and you listen with care to these and other small eyevents
for though deaf eye may become and tinneyetus spread, yet sound holds
sound holds supple and bending with deleyet, no crystalline
and no world and no seyete elastic more than pre-sent now
and eye play for you
yes, eye play for you
wheyele meye eye still moves, wheyele the world still swirl around me

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