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Ruth Catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Tue Apr 21 14:02:57 CEST 2009

Hi Helen,

very sage points!

The connection (between a live event and a remote
onlookers/participants) is not just a transparent technical one but one
that requires human mediation and some motivating factor for the remote

In addition to setting the framework for exchange or dialogue, the
techno-social connection needs to be maintained creatively and
sensitively at both ends- this takes special attention and I don't think
it's desireable or realistic to assume that someone can just do it on
top of other responsibilities (although people do assume this all the
time: / ). I think it's symptomatic of a more general attitude to
technology in social settings that when its working you shouldn't notice
it; ) This might account for the terrible treatment of people in IT
services in HE and beyond.

I'd like to know more about your work supporting live connections with
Magdalena theatre.

At Furtherfield we are in the early stages of thinking about this but
our attention to Rich Networking is focused at the intersection of
pragmatic Business-focused teleconferencing and the
protagonists/participants/audiences of networked performance and
telematic artworks. The tricky bit is maintaining the critical balance
(and productive discomfort) on the line between transparent technical
solutions and allowing the mediation process of the tech to become
visible and so be part of the exchange.

I'm hoping to go to ETC in Istanbul http://eclectictechcarnival.org/
this year if I can find a doable way of getting there by train;) This
might be a good topic of discussion, experimentation and play.

thanks helen!


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great - i would also be interested to hear more about rich networking.

i've been involved in theatre or computing events (specifically thru 
magdalena & eclectic tech carnival networks) where we have attempted to 
onvolve remote participants via internet, or to connect & interact with 
simultaneous similar events. it's only been partially successful
people inevitably get caught up in the proximal reality & lose the 
motivation to maintain a split focus. unless there is someone at each 
venue who is prepared to be dedicated to the online communication, it
hard to maintain. i don't mind so much when i'm the remote person, 
because i just multitask until someone or something comes alive via 
whatever means we're using (irc, web cam, skype, UpStage, etherpad, 
blogs, etc). but i know that for people who are less used to it can get 
frustrated &/or bored because they feel neglected.

but i think it's just a matter of learning the processes that can 
facilitate it. in august i'll be at a theatre festival in denmark, & 
some people who won't be there have already asked me if i can
an online link for them. i know that this festival is full-on, i'll be 
run off my feet, & staying up talking until 1am & getting up at 6am in 
order to have a shower & breakfast before the work starts. i know 

there's good internet there & i'll have my laptop & web cam, but i don't 
know about sound - is it worth web casting a discussion if the sound 
isn't audible? (i won't even try to web cast the performances).  i've 
asked the people who want it to be very specific about which events they 
want to be web cast, then i'll see whether it's doable, & if so i'll 
focus on one or two events rather than spend half the festival trying to 
web cast it.

every time we get a little bit better at it ...

h : )
> Hope we get to be one of your venues exploring both local, physical 
> presence and network facilitated interaction. Let me know and I'll 
> send you a copy of our draft plans for Rich Networking.
> cheers
> Ruth
> http://furtherfield.org

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