[NetBehaviour] A Response to the G20 Raids.

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Wed Apr 22 00:48:00 CEST 2009

A Response to the G20 Raids.

On the Thursday following the G20 protests, two squatted social centres 
in East London were raided by riot police, apparently looking for 
instigators of the attacks on the Royal Bank of Scotland. RampART Social 
Centre, which has existed for more than four years, and a newly opened 
Convergence Centre in Earl Street were both being used to house and feed 
protesters throughout the period of the G20 summit. In both cases, the 
police acted illegally but, other than a brief report in the Independent 
which referred to unwarranted violence, the raids remained largely 
unreported. In both buildings, people were subjected to physical 
violence and verbal abuse and those that were arrested were later 
'de-arrested' for lack of any supporting evidence. Our only 'crime', it 
seems, is that we are political activists and squatters and thus deemed 
to be suitable targets. If only we had kept our heads down and stayed 
away from these kinds of activities, the logic goes, we would not 
deserve what we had coming.


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