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REFF / RomaEuropa Fake Factory. A detourned competition

RomaeuropaFAKEfactory is an international Videoart, Music, Literature,
GIF-Art, Architecture, Design, Landscape and Law Art competition started in
January 2009 as a critical reaction to the Fondazione RomaEuropa's
WebFactory, to develop an action/reflection on the meaning of art, culture
and creativity in the contemporary era, on the models for access and on the
relations among intellectual property and new business models.

The competition, revolves around the "Freedom to Remix" theme, and is
dedicated to young creatives, new media artists, writers, musicians,
architects, designers, landscape artists, jurists and to intellectual
property enthusiasts and researchers, but also to all those cybernauts that
have a will to get their creativity involved.


:: 100Cuts -Videoart [http://www.romaeuropa.org/conc/100Cuts.php]
Curator: Gianmarco Bonavolontà
:: 100Samples - Music [http://www.romaeuropa.org/conc/100Samples.php]
Curator: Marco Fagotti
:: 100Quotes - Literature [http://www.romaeuropa.org/conc/100Quotes.php]
Curator: Oriana Persico/penelope.di.pixel
:: 100Flashes - GIF-Art [http://www.romaeuropa.org/conc/100Flashes.php]
Curator: Francesco "Warbear" Macarone Palmieri
:: 100Spaces - Architecture, Design and Landscape [
Curator: Rossella Ongaretto
:: LawArt - Remixing the Law [http://www.romaeuropa.org/conc/LawArt.php
Curator: Marco Scialdone

All the works created using any technique related to remix, cut-up, mash-up,
analog and digital, including works created using software and algorithms
are accepted to the competition. To register and send in your works please
refer to the website and to the specific sections.


The competition does not assign prizes or create linear rankings. The prize
consists in the critical review of the works and in their active promotion
through operators and distribution circuits, starting from the international
network of the 70+ partners that are currently supporting REFF, and in the
creation of public events creating involvement and visibility.

With this goal in mind, the works will be reviewed by the curators through
an open, transparent and monitorable online process. The scientific
committee will also participate to the evaluation process, just as the
public audience, that will be able to contribute through the mechanisms of
voting and commenting, available on the platform.

The works will be used to form a catalog that will be the final product of
the overall evaluation and review process.

Everything will flow, in fall 2009, into a big exhibition/performance
happening, distributed around several locations in Rome, London, New York,
and possibly some more.


In alphabetical order:

Zafer Aracagök (aka SIFIR) - Loretta Borrelli (aka lo|bo) - Massimo
Canevacci - Francesca Canu - Carlo Cappa - Martina Coletti - Stefano Coletto
-Pier Luigi Capucci - Antonio Caronia - Casaluce/geiger Sinusi@ - Simona
D'ambrogi - Davide D'atri - Derrick de Kerckhove - Arturo Di Corinto -
Antonin Josef di Santantonio - Marco Fagotti - Gennaro Francione - Maurizio
Gargano - Marc Garrett - Alex Giordano - Barbara Gualtieri - Carlo Infante -
Maria Rita Intrieri - Andreas Jacobs - Katrien Jacobs - Fulvio Lenzo - Les
Liens Invisibles - Simona Lodi - Andrea Masciantonio - Francesco "Warbear"
Macarone Palmieri - Francesco Monico - Stephen Natanson - Rossella Ongaretto
- Stefano Ostinelli - OtherehtO - Luigi Pagliarini - Antonella Passani -
Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi - Domenico Quaranta - Federico Ruberti - Marco
Scialdone - Guido Scorza - Luca Simeone - Adam Stanley - Luisa Valeriani -
Tania Vetromile - Paola Zampa - Giovanni Ziccardi

(there are yet more members in the committee, but they haven't yet given
explicit permission to be listed here... we'll add them in a bit)

The scientific committee will produce a collective publication that will
constitute the methodological and theoretical introduction to the issues
assessed through the competition.


June 21st 2009

* Due to the late start of the 100Spaces e 100Flashes competitions, their
dedline is set to July 31st 2009


RomaeuropaFAKEfactory lives through the free and willing contribution of the
people, networks and associations that form the equipe, the scientific
committee and that support the initiative, allowing for the creation of a
global relational network sharing experiences, resources, skills and

RomaEuropaFAKEFactory has been presented on March 20th 2009 at the Italian
Senate as the trigger that is stimulating the creation of an official "Table
for Digital Cultures" inside the Cultural Commission of the Italian Senate.

The competition has been selected to become an official part of the European
Year of Innovation and Creativity.

Recently, thanks to our action, the original regulations of the RomaEuropa
WebFactory, containing vexatious clauses on intellectual property, has been
partly modified by the promoters (http://www.artsblog.it/pos

RomaeuropaFAKEFactory is an initiative created by

[A]rt is [O]pen [S]ource

with the fundamental collaboration of

Piemonte Share Festival - DegradArte - Istituto per le Politiche
dell'Innovazione - BeatPick - ComputerLaw 2.0 - LPM, Flyer Communication -
PerformngMedia - FLxER - ShockArt.net - NeRVi - Digicult - Associazione
Partito Pirata - Nephogram.net - Les Liens Invisible - A.H.A. - Francesco
"Warbear" Macarone Palmieri - Superfluo - Deliriouniversale - My Jemma Temp
- ArtsBlog.it - CodiceBinario - PEAM - Artificialia - Biodoll - Ninja
Marketing - Arturo di Corinto - Linux-Club - Guido Vetere - The National
Cynical Network - NoemaLab - Nictoglobe - Free Hardware Foundation -
Collettivo Nove - Yesmoke - IPJustice - Rejected - casaluce/geiger
synusy at cyborg - Fake - Liber Liber - Rossella Ongaretto - Domenico Quaranta
- ESpace paRtout - creActive commUnity - Metromorfosi - Descentro – Anomolo
– Giovanni Ziccardi – Wilfied Agricola de Cologne – Isotype - aStronza -
Ramallah Underground - Uqbar - Luisa Valeriani - SIFIR - m-node - muvideo -
E32 - Leo Sorge - myMedia - Derrick de Kerckhove - OtherehtO - netBehaviour
- Milano in Digitale - Castelvecchi Editore - 01.org - art a part cult(ure)
- gruppo Infobyte - Cooper - Lorenzo Mazza - Chorusonline - Puglia
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