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April 27, 2009
Turbulence Spotlight: "MAICgregator" by Nick Knouf
[Needs Firefox Browser and extention download]

"MAICgregator" is a Firefox extension that aggregates information about
colleges and universities embedded in the military-academic-industrial
complex (MAIC). It searches government funding databases, private news
sources, private press releases, and public information about trustees to
try and produce a radical cartography of the modern university via the
replacement or overlay of this information on academic websites. This is a
necessary activity in light of the contemporary financial "crisis".

Please visit this post for conversation about the project:


Nicholas Knouf is a PhD student in information science at Cornell University
in Ithaca, NY. His research explores the interstitial spaces between
information science, critical theory, digital art, and science and
technology studies. Ongoing work includes "Fluid Nexus", a mobile phone
messaging application designed for activists and relief workers that
operates independent of a centralized network, robotic puppetry projects
that engage with psycho-socio-political imaginaries, and sound works that
encourage the expression of the unspeakable. Past and current work has been
recognized by a number awards, including an Honorary Mention by Prix Ars
Electronica in [the next idea] category (2005), the Leonardo Abstracts
Service (LABS) for his master's thesis (2008), a memefest Award of
Distinction (2008), and a special transmediale "Online Highlight" (2009).
Additionally, his work has been discussed in print and online media,
including ID Magazine, the Boston Globe, CNN, Slashdot, and Afterimage.

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