[NetBehaviour] Dying is no reason to give up online social life.

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marc garrett wrote:
> Dying is no reason to give up online social life.
> In today's world of always-connected social media, there's no reason to 
> stop interacting online simply because you're dead.
> A wave of new companies are starting to offer services such as virtual 
> cemeteries where guests can visit and e-mail alerts set up by funeral 
> homes to remind relatives near and wide about the anniversary of your death.
> Some companies even offer to e-mail your wayward relatives in danger of 
> being left behind when the Rapture whisks you to the threshold of the 
> Pearly Gates.
> While such services seem to reach beyond the grave, a growing generation 
> of funeral customers refuse to let death have the final word.
> "People have a desire to perpetuate not only for themselves, but for 
> their loved ones, the story of their lives, and technology has all these 
> new great ways of doing that," said John McQueen, owner of the Anderson 
> McQueen funeral home.
> more...
> http://www.mddailyrecord.com/article.cfm?id=155339&type=Daily
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