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Figuratively describing the country of Matrizenzubehoerleute…...
A N   U R B A N    O R G A N I C S   W O R K S H O P

The city presents an unmapped, sparsely inhabited place,  
extravagantly rich in unexplored resources, waiting as it were for  
the arrival of someone to give form to the latent possibilities which  
lay beyond regular spatial comprehension.

The poet, wandering describes reflections on streetlife, overlaid by  
the desire to develop typographies and document of human life.  The  
civilian traveler as they traverse the urban terrain, passing amongst  
concrete corridors of the imagination remakes the city through  
forming their own reflective typographies. Looking then at our  
perception of city scenes and urban space as a hybrid of different  
forms, Figuratively describing the country of Matrizenzubehoerleute…. 
(ma-tritsen.tzu-behuer.loyter) provides participants with a tool-kit  
which will allow them to trace and unveil the creative potential of  
their every day surroundings through a series of collaborative  
exercises. The group will undertake explorations of the space  
surrounding the DIY Art Centre, observe and reproduce behavioral  
patterns and begin to develop the basis of a new language through  
archetypal typography.

The workshop will provide an introduction to techniques which empower  
the participants to further understand how we interact with our  
surroundings. The group will explore the urban spaces surrounding the  
Art Centre along a perimeter between two lands drawn from places  
which belong neither to the ordinary, nor the Other, but which are  
imbued with a presence of both; just as the sky can be seen to fall  
down towards the sea.

URBAN ORGANICS: Figuratively describing the country of  

11.00-16.00, Sunday, 3rd May

Non-consessional: £8
Consessions: £4
CORD Members: £2

This introductory public workshop is open to people of all  
disciplines and levels of experience. To make your booking please  
write to events at cultura3.net with the heading “Urban Organics  
Workshop.” Places are limited.

The DIY Art Centre
114-116 Amersham Vale,
New Cross SE14 6LG
for a map click here

New Cross Train Station (exit station, turn left, 5 mins walk)
New Cross Gate / Deptford Train Station (10 min walk)
Deptford DLR (15 min walk)
Busses 53, 453, 36, 436,171,172,177

For more information please write to benjamin at cultura3.net

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