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The Australian Network for Art and Technology presents Super Human:
Revolution of the Species.

Symposium :: Masterclass :: Exhibition
The Australian Network for Art and Technology

Melbourne Australia
Phone: +61882319037
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Contact: Vicki Sowry, Super Human Producer
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23 - 24 November 2009
BMW Edge Fed Square

25 – 26 November 2009
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

5 November - 5 December 2009
RMIT Gallery

Inspired by the 150th publication anniversary of The Origin of Species,
Darwin's evolutionary treatise, Super Human: Revolution of the Species
turns the spotlight on collaborations between artists and scientists and
the impact these investigations have on what it means to be human, now
and into the future.

Symposium 23 - ­24 Nov 2009

This high-calibre event boasts a program of invigorating and inspiring
keynotes alongside presentations of cutting-edge collaborative research
projects engaging with the Super Human themes: Augmentation, Cognition
and Nanoscale Interventions. Registration and ticket sales are now open.

Taking place over two days, the Super Human symposium will present an
invigorating and inspiring mix of keynote speakers and collaborative
research projects engaging with one or more of the symposium themes:
Augmentation, Cognition and Nanoscale Interventions.

Questions that the symposium will address include, but are not limited to:

*How do scientific and artistic bodies of knowledge intersect with
human, social bodies?
*Does art serve simply as a representational tool for the sciences or is
there more to the picture than that?
*Does research into bodies and their systems offer an insight into
aesthetics, or is it confined to the purely functional?

Curating Masterclass 25 - ­26 Nov 2009

An unsurpassed opportunity to engage with the world"s leading curators
bringing emerging artforms to broad-based audiences. The Super Human
masterclass, a two-day intensive workshop limited to 40 participants,
provides the essential skills and knowledge necessary for curators and
writers to introduce audiences to these exciting new practices.

Specifically, the masterclass will: provide a theoretical context for
emerging practices within an international framework; identify the key
emerging artforms, artists and advocates; connect curators, presenting
organisations and resource networks; explore the impact gallery space
and exhibition design have on emerging artforms; and identify audience
development and marketing strategies.

Exhibition 5 November - 5 December 2009

Showcasing works by leading Australasian artists, the Super Human
exhibition reframes the Cartesian body within contemporary culture.
Focusing on Cognition & Neurology (Mind), Augmentation & Biological
Manipulation (Body) and Nanoscale Interventions (the Soul, the 'not
visible'), the exhibition exposes our aspirations and fears about our
bodies and their extraordinary functions.

Artists: Kirsty Boyle, Justine Cooper, Jonathan Duckworth, Donna
Franklin, Tina Gonsalves, Leah Heiss, George Poonkhin Khut, Angela Main,
Brad Nunn, Jill Scott, Paul Thomas, Tissue Culture & Art Project, Mari

Visit the Super Human site now to purchase tickets, apply to the
masterclass or join the email subscription list - www.superhuman.org.au

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