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Some interesting exhibitions at The Netherlands Media Art Institute

...........................  Fluid Architectures ...........................

Exhibition from 30 May - 16 August

Ubiquitous computer networks, information delivery in real time and
new display technologies are now the key elements transforming the
face of our urban living spaces. Through them a space is taking shape
whose manifestations merge the virtual and the physical. Essayist
Florian Rötzer talks in this context of a “digital urbanism” whose
salient features are ”dispersal, decentralisation, valorisation of
interiority, globalisation, individuality and mobility“.
These factors shape a networked society and a 'space of flows” which
generate new dimensions for imagination and action, no longer
concurrent with the old geographies and topographies.

The exhibition Fluid Architectures gathers spaces of flow and
immateriality created by artists in response to these contemporary
notions of the city. These fictional spaces made of light, moving
image, and other media extend the idea of physical architecture to the
construction of dynamic and seemingly infinite spaces enabling a
sensory experience. The works rethink the classic standards of spatial
construction and topography. Instead they introduce the new concept of
'performative architecture' and thus propose an imaginary urban
landscape for the 21st century.

The exhibition is curated by Susanne Jaschko.


...........................  Depreciated ...........................

Solo exhibition Cory Arcangel
>From 29-08-2009 until 14-11-2009
Opening Friday August 28 from 17.00 hrs

The Media Art Institute proudly presents the first solo exhibition in
The Netherlands by the 31-year-old 'darling of new media art', Cory
Arcangel (US). Recent films, modified video games and computer
installations by the artist will be shown in the context of earlier

Cory Arcangel hacks, manipulates and reuses various technological
applications, including video games, web software, film and print
media. In doing so he comments on digital media technologies and
cultures while at the same time continuing to seek the possibilities
that present themselves on the cutting edge of humor, theory and
technological shortcomings. His interest in technology spans from the
vernacular or non-expert to the conscious disrupting of digital
techniques. Using techniques common to conceptual art and performance,
Arcangel's work often comments on the relationship between these two.


Netherlands Media Art Institute
Keizersgracht 264
1016 EV Amsterdam
T 020 6237101
F 020 6244423
E info at nimk.nl

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