[NetBehaviour] why i'm tempted to delete vista

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Aug 15 21:20:19 CEST 2009

more reasons -

the UAC is miserable. the audio balloons are almost impossible to turn 
off. it's slower than XP. constant permission messiness with the console. 
no tweakUI without paying for it. too much configuration - too many 
effects to disable. AVG does work btw and auto-updates. I'm waiting for 7, 
see if I can put it on top w/out losing efficiency or the programs I'm 
- alan

On Sat, 15 Aug 2009, james morris wrote:

> why i'm tempted to delete vista
> -------------------------------
> 1) I must disable SATA AHCI mode in the BIOS because Vista Home Premium
> can't handle it. Consequently the hard drives are not operating at full
> speed. If I don't do this, Vista crashes around 2 seconds after it
> first begins booting up.
> 2) I've got no software that makes using Vista worth the hassle. I have
> two games, Tomb Raider, and Crysis, but I can't be bothered to play
> them because it feels so unproductive and a waste of time learning how
> to.
> 3) Somewhere along the line while Windows was downloading and installing
> updates, it broke something. While I was fumbling around in Tomb Raider,
> Windows suddenly decided it had better things to do and began
> configuring updates. It got halfway along configuring update 2 of 3 and
> then decided it wouldn't bother after all... it rebooted the computer
> instead.
> 4) The firewall and anti virus software crashed and I can't be bothered
> to keep updating them either. They suck. So does the trial version of
> the Nero or something media player which does nothing but suck.
> 5) Because I don't ever use Vista. It would free up some disk space if I
> were to delete it.
> 6) It's good to do a bit of cleaning and dump things which are unused.
> 7) It's been at least 3 months since I used Vista. And I only used it
> then because someone sent me a Word document as an attachment. It seemed
> that OpenOffice.org could not read the contents. Turned out I was sent
> an empty document.
> ------------------------------------------------------
> 1) I might need it for some irritating reason, presently unknown to me,
> in the future.
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