[NetBehaviour] picture without qualities

yann le guennec info at x-arn.org
Wed Aug 19 18:28:32 CEST 2009

hi Andreas,

> Well try looking for axiologic depraved icons maybe you will find  
> more :)

nope, nothing...  ;-)

> Anyways I do not think the subject Is underexplored rather try to  
> search more explicit phrases like axiology( to evaluate the qualities  
> of esthetics and the attachtments thereof in artistic expressions like  
> for instance paintings.)

thanks! i'll try that, maybe in french as it begins to be a bit complex 
for me in english....

> I myself am very involved in this subject and always desperately  
> avoiding 'meaning' in and towards my art production.

yep, i observe that meaning has an ability to dissolve itself in the 
search for paradigms.


> Andreas Jacobs
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> On Aug 19, 2009, at 17:34, yann le guennec <info at x-arn.org> wrote:
>> i searched in  google for  the exact phrase "picture without  
>> qualities".
>> http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22picture+without+qualities%22
>> the only  response i get is :
>> Reader Archive--Extract: 2002/020802/RICHTER
>> https://securesite.chireader.com/cgi-bin/Archive/abridged2.bat?path=2002/020802/RICHTER&search=gerhard%20richter%20camper%20art%20institute
>> did i make a typo/error or is it something so unexplored ?
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>> http://www.datapainting.com/

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