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OPEN LAB WORKSHOPS- first one next Tuesday from 6pm

This summer, Openlab, the London-based open source art and technology
collective, presents a series of in-depth summer workshops exploring
creating and hacking media using free software and tools.  Workshops
will include both beginner and advanced instruction in such software as
PureData, Processing, and SuperCollider, as well as using the
microcontroller Arduino, Android programming, general sound hardware
hacking, and more.  For less than the cost of the cinema, you can gain
some valuable skills using free software.

Look for two workshop per month starting in September as we start
holding them at Space studios, Hackney!  Plus, we have a snazzy new
website (and by "website" I mean url +
image: http://openlabworkshops.org/ )

Keep up with workshops announcements by subscribing to the (very)
low-traffic announcement list:

~=~=~=~Workshop #3~=~=~=~

When: Tuesday 25 August, from 6pm-10:30pm

Where: The Roebuck pub (upstairs room), 50 Great Dover Street, SE1 4YG
Nearest transport: 35, 133, 343, 21 buses, Borough Tube (Northern line)
About 8 minute walk from London Bridge Station (Northern and Jubilee
tube, rail, and bus station: 48, 47, 149 buses)

Cost: £15 for the entire night, or per workshop (see below).
How to pay: At the door, or via Paypal to be guaranteed a space (limited
to 30 people per workshop).  Please
email reserve at openlabworkshops.org to reserve a space in any workshop.

1) Introduction to SuperCollider (part 2) with DanStowell - £10
Dan will continue the introduction to SuperCollider, building on the
basics to create reusable synths and use them in musical patterns,
including pre-defined patterns and generative music. Depending on time
and interest we may also look at other topics such as handling audio

This 2-hour workshop is the second in a series of summer workshops, but
if you weren’t at the first workshop then you’ll probably be OK to
follow if you already have some experience of SuperCollider or if you’re
already comfortable with programming languages.  You’ll need a laptop
with SuperCollider 3.3 or 3.3.1 installed (download).

2) Android Introduction - £10
Rob Munro will take students through the install process of the
development environment, Linux and Windows and are preferred, but the
process should be similar on Mac as well. After the install we will
looks at some the basics of android development, the android manifest
file, Activities, Services & Databasing as time will allow.

This will be a 2-hour workshop, some Java experience will be very
helpful though not essential. An android phone will handy as well but
the emulator is included in the install.

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