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Review of The Path by Tale of Tales.

In a Dark Wood.

A review of The Path by Edward Picot "a short horror-game inspired by
the tale of Little Red Riding Hood" from Tale of Tales.

An independent computer games development company, based in Belgium and
run by Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. It was originally released in
March 2009, and it represents Tale of Tales' first attempt to produce a
fully commercial computer game.

"Harvey and Samyn's output has always been driven by a desire to move
away from the typical subject-matter and style of modern computer games,
into territory which is more poetic and ambiguous, touching on deeper
themes. Before they formed Tale of Tales they worked together under the
name Entropy8Zuper! and produced work such as The Godlove Museum (texts
from the Bible mixed with new media animations and social commentary).
The first Tale of Tales project, 8, was based on the story of the
Sleeping Beauty. The second, The Endless Forest, a multi-player
environment where each player controls a deer in an enchanted forest;
and the third is The Graveyard, a meditation on old age and mortality,
set in a cemetery, and featuring a little old lady on the point of
death." Picot.

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